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Rubaflex cleaner 1.0 litre

13.50€  22.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)


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Rubaflex cleaning agent is suitable for dirty surfaces and cell rubber insulation materials for cleaning prior to bonding or painting. The detergent suitable for cleaning tools and adhesive removal tools.

Solvent typeMethyl Ethyl Ketone, aliphatic hydrocarbons and Toluene.

Application temperature-10 ºC to +35 ºC (ideal +20 ºC). DO NOT apply to heated surfaces.

Fire performanceDryNot applicable.
WetFlammable flash point < 21ºC.

StorageStore in a properly constructed fire-resisting cabinet or structure. Avoid extreme heat.

Shelf lifeMay be kept indefinitely in a sealed container.

Cleaning of  surfacesBefore installing Rubaflex sheet on to ductwork the surface shall be thoroughly cleaned and degreased using Rubaflex cleaner. The cleaner is applied using clean lint-free rags and the metal surface allowed to dry completely before the application of adhesive.

Cleaning tools and equipmentBrushes which have become hardened with adhesive may be recovered by soaking until soft.

Special hintsKeep the container tightly closed when not in use.
This cleaner should not be added to Rubaflex adhesive or to Rubaflex paint.
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