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Rubaflex 520 adhesive 0.5 litre

14.00  20.00 (price incl. tax 24%)

0.5 litre

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Rubaflex 520 special glue which is designed as flexible cell rubber insulation materials and their joints for bonding. Surfaces must be dry and clean. The adhesive is easy to use, quick-drying and it has a low viscosity.

Rubaflex 520 Adhesive is an air-drying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of Rubaflex Pipe and Sheet. Rubaflex 520 Adhesive will dry very fast an make a resilient and heat-resistant bond with many materials where the use of a solvent-base neoprene contact adhesive is suitable and desirable. Foam rubber insulation glued joints is recommended to use a cell rubber insulation tape. The aim is to make sure the seam stays on, and also that the seal of the highest quality, heat and vapor-proof seal.

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